The Public Works Department is a dynamic and diverse team of professionals tasked with enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of Bowling Green. Our team accomplishes that mission by designing, building, and maintaining the roads, sidewalks, and greenways, as well as maintaining all city equipment and vehicles. The Public Works Department is made up of many divisions that all play major roles and work closely and collaboratively with each other. Those divisions include Administration, Fleet Management, Operations, Facilities Management, Planning and Design, and Environmental Compliance. Throughout the Department there is ambition and dedication to duty among a group of people who become very much like your second family. The City of Bowling Green offers many opportunities for learning, growth, and advancement not to mention very competitive compensation. You’ll be provided with the necessary training, resources, and tools needed to succeed. All those factors, along with a great benefit package that includes top-notch, affordable health care insurance and an amazing on-site health clinic, are just a few ways that Bowling Green shows our team members appreciation for the essential role we play in the place we’ve chosen to call home.

If you’re looking for a workplace where you can gain a sense of accomplishment in your chosen field, this is it. Whether your job requires filling a pothole, repairing a sinkhole, or building a new road, you can receive satisfaction and see that what you do truly makes a positive impact in your community.

Lastly, working for our City provides employees with a good work-life balance. This is a key benefit for individuals raising a family and/or active in their community outside of work. The ability to succeed at work and be available for occasional family needs is important to so many. A career in Public Works makes that possible. Department offices keep a weekday work schedule and are closed on weekends and numerous holidays. Of course there are emergency events that can happen anytime when our community relies upon us to respond to keep them safe, and we’re happy to do that.

We invite you be a part of our City of Bowling Green Public Works family!

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public works