Police / Hiring Process

The Bowling Green Police Department is NOW accepting applications for our next academy class!

Event Schedule

Applicants must successfully complete State required testing.  POPS Physical Testing and LESI Testing will be offered on the second Thursday of every month.

Application deadline for BGLEA Class 8 is 7/12/2024.

Calendar of Events Police Class 8


How to prepare to begin your law enforcement career:

Gather documents:

Applicants are required to submit documentation in order to complete their application. Begin obtaining/gathering the list of required documents needed to complete your application.

  • Birth Certificate
  • High School Diploma/Transcripts
  • College Transcripts (if applicable)
  • Social Security Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Military DD-214 (if applicable)
  • Standard Form 180 “Request pertaining to Military Records” (if applicable)
  • Auto Insurance Card to all vehicles
  • Vehicle Registration to all vehicles
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Divorce Documents (if applicable)
  • Trade Licenses (if applicable)
  • POPS Certificate (if KY certified)
  • DOCJT Transcripts (if KY certified)

Physically prepare for POPS (Peace Officer Professional Standards):

Contact a recruiter:

Talk to a Bowling Green Police Officer. Find out what it’s really like to be a police officer and why Bowling Green might be the department for you! Fill out the contact form today and we’ll be in touch!

Request a Ride-Along with the Bowling Green Police Department:

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