Our Type

Fire / Our Type

Not sure you’re the Firefighter “type”?
You may have more in common with us than you think…

In the Bowling Green Fire Department we all strive to have selfless ambition.  Being selfless means putting others before ourselves.  Ambition means having a strong work ethic, a strong desire to better ourselves and those around us every day, and perseverance when the work is hard.  When these values are combined, that is the true heart and character of a firefighter.

Captain Joe Harbin

joe harbin

As a Bowling Green Firefighter, we value work ethic, integrity, and teamwork. We strive daily to always have a heart for service and our city. We continually push ourselves and each other to improve.

Brad Akins, Fire Captain/EMT

brad akins

We are not all the fastest, strongest or the smartest people in the room, but we are all seeking to improve on our weaknesses and share our strengths. We are willing and ready to put our community’s needs before our own. We do the right thing even when it’s inconvenient and we put forth maximum effort when we’re called to act. We want to “make it better”!

Ketler Calixte, Fire Engineer/EMT

ketler calixte

Bowling Green Firefighters share the common desire to serve our community. We strive for excellence through teamwork, integrity, and professionalism. We have a heart for service and a passion to make it better.

William Moore, Fire Engineer, EMT

william moore

More than anything else we all have the desire to be a Firefighter. It’s really important that we are physically able to do the job and we never let ourselves become complacent with our physical fitness.

Brittany Rich, Firefighter/EMT

brittany rich