Salary & Benefits

Fire / Salary & Benefits

In addition to getting all the benefits of being a City Employee, the Fire Department enjoys some other great perks!


  • Annual Salary: $54,000
  • State Incentive: $4,300 (after academy graduation)
  • EMT Certification: $1,600
  • Future Certification: $1,600

City-Issued Equipment and Uniforms

Everything you need to be a Firefighter, from your structural firefighting gear to your badge and daily uniforms will be provided to you. After your initial uniform issue each firefighter will receive an annual allotment to purchase additional uniform items as they are needed.

Work Schedule

Firefighters work a 24/48 schedule. This means you work 24 hours on duty and then you are off for 48 hours.

Paid Leave

New Firefighters earn time off starting the month after they are hired. Paid leave accruals increase with time in service.

  • Vacation (168 hours)
  • Sick (144 hours)
  • Holidays (192 hours)
  • Personal (24 hours)

Flexible Holidays

As you transition to becoming a Firefighter, you and your family will decide when the best time is to celebrate holidays with 8 floating holidays each year.

Cash-Out Program

Didn’t get to use your floating holidays or personal days? Just cash them out. Other programs include cashing out comp time and vacation hours!


Fitness is essential to your success as a Firefighter. The City provides access to multiple fitness centers with all the equipment you need to stay in top shape. Each Fire Station has a fully equipped gym. Additionally, employees have a free membership to the City’s Parks and Recreation Fitness Center.


As a Firefighter your decisions affect the outcome. Your training affects those decisions. You will have multiple opportunities to learn new skills enhancing your knowledge through department-paid training.

Certification Pay

Firefighters earn an additional $4,300 per year for completion of State Firefighter I and II certifications obtained through completion of your initial training academy. Additional incentives for EMT certification and BGFD Firefighter II programs are also available.

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