Police / Specialized Units

Advanced Crime Scene Processor

Advanced Processors are utilized at major crime incidents. Specialized training is provided to facilitate collection and handling of evidence within industry and judicial guidelines. Some equipment is issued to each processor, with the majority stored at the police station and accessed as needed.

collecting evidence
Collision Reconstructionist

Collision Reconstructionist

A Reconstructionist may be involved in any accident involving a serious injury, which could result in death or loss of limb, collisions involving a motor vehicle and train, commercial vehicle, bus, spillage of hazardous material, or complex collision.

Crisis Negotiator

Crisis Negotiators assist persons in a crisis to resolve the incident peacefully.

crisis negotiation
Critical Response Team

Critical Response Team

The Critical Response Team provides support to the Bowling Green Police Department with a tactical response to critical incidents.


Detectives provide follow-up investigation of assigned incidents, determine suspects, conduct interviews and interrogations, and coordinate their activities within the Criminal Investigation Division, with other agencies, and with the prosecutors’ offices.

police honor guard

Honor Guard

The Guard is a specialty unit of officers whose primary function is to bestow honor upon our fellow department members, as well as set an example for the community.

K-9 Unit

The K-9 program is utilized to detect illegal narcotics, assist officers in a variety of searches, as well as apprehension. Canine handlers present programs to the public and work closely with both school systems.

police k-9 unit
police motor unit

Motor Unit

This unit is a high-visibility unit that is involved in special parade details, and is used to enforce traffic laws in neighborhoods along with high-crash-site locations.

Police Training Officer

Police Training Officers provide on-the-job training for recruits after they have graduated from the Basic Training Academy. The PTO’s evaluate the performance of recruits, during training phases, and prepare the recruit for assignment to Patrol Operations.

Police Training Officer
police uav unit

UAV Pilot

Officers selected for the special assignment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Pilot will operate departmental Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in support of a variety of departmental purposes and objectives to include, but not limited to, assisting in Search and Rescue operations, Surveillance, Collision Reconstruction and Crime Scene documentation and evaluation.