Police / Qualifications


Must be 21 years of age by academy graduation.


Graduation from High School or General Education Development (G.E.D.)


Must be a United States Citizen

Driver’s License

Possess a valid license to operate a motor vehicle; good driving record

Criminal History

No felony convictions


Has not received a dishonorable discharge, bad conduct discharge, or general discharge under other than honorable conditions.

Pursuant to KRS 15.382


The Bowling Green Police Department Hires for Character because we cannot teach it. You must bring with you ethics, integrity, a respect for all people, and a heart for service. No amount of training can teach any individual how to possess these character traits.

police cruiser
police forensics van

Employment History

The Bowling Green Police Department looks for candidates with prior employment history that is consistent and steady and that is terminated voluntarily by the employee for reasons to better themselves through education and advanced opportunities. Employment gives candidates the experience of working with others and the public, learning the supervisory chain of command, and becoming accustomed to general workplace etiquette.

Illegal Drug and Alcohol Use

Individuals will be asked about both past and current illegal drug and alcohol use. As the enforcement agency for laws covering our City, it is essential that members of the BGPD respect their physical bodies, minds and members of the community by always adhering to laws regarding the use, purchase or sale of illegal drugs and alcohol. Candidates for police officer that have recently or currently used illegal drugs may not be considered for employment.

Candidates who currently, or in the past, misuse or abuse alcohol may not be considered for employment.

If you are considering applying to become a member of BGPD and you meet the minimum qualifications but have questions about your past or current illegal drug and alcohol use, please contact a recruiter before you disqualify yourself.

police rescue vehicle
police motorcycles

Personal Appearance Policy

The BGPD has a high expectation for personal appearance and uniform standards. These policies include length of hair and limitations to facial hair for male officers and hair style and use of cosmetics for female officers. Tattoos must be covered while on duty (face, hand, and neck tattoos not allowed).  There are limitations to the wearing of jewelry while on duty. Please contact a recruiter today to discuss specific concerns or request for accommodation.


  • Failure to disclose any convictions on employment application
  • Felony convictions
  • Prohibited by federal or state law from possessing a firearm
  • Received a dishonorable discharge, bad conduct discharge, or general discharge under other than honorable conditions in any branch of the Armed Forces of the U.S.
  • Significant use of illegal drugs/substances within the past two years or history of regular drug use unless rehabilitated; or use of illegal drugs that would be considered a felony
  • Conviction for sale or trafficking of illegal drugs/substances
  • DUI within the past 2 years
  • Illegal sexual misconduct
  • Acts of domestic violence