Community Engagement

Fire / Community Engagement

Station Tours

We offer station tours to anyone in our community wanting to get an inside look at the life of a firefighter!

station tours
fire extinguisher event

Fire Extinguisher Event

By partnering with American Red Cross, Crossland Community Church, and other volunteers, we are able to provide free smoke alarms and fire extinguishers to high-need areas throughout the community.

Community Block Parties

We love interacting with our community through block parties and special events such as BGFiestaval, Mightiest Heros Community Block Party, Pedigo Park Block Party and more.

community block parties
firehouse festival

Firehouse Festival

Each year we host our Firehouse Festival where we invite the community to come out and interact with members of the BGFD! We provide everything from safety demonstrations to hands on experiences such as bucket rides and hose spray! It’s an annual event you don’t want to miss!

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival is a City of Bowling Green event where we take advantage of being able to set up a fire safety demonstration on “Get Low and GO”

harvest festival

Water Nights

Curbside ministries hosts “Water nights” for different areas of the Bowling Green Community.

Sound Off

Sound Off targets city schools in high emergency response areas. These targeted schools participate in a specialized curriculum for 3rd graders. The curriculum includes sounds of the smoke alarm, detecting dangers in the house hold, and home fire escape planning.

community center

Community Center Programs

With programs like Boys to Men, the Foundry, and Parker Bennett Community Center’s Go For Greatness, we have the opportunity to provide mentorship and leadership to these different groups.

Feeding America

Feeding America provides meals to benefit deserving families in the area. BGFD regularly helps pack boxes and hand out meals to those families through Feeding America.

feeding america